For a short time only: one month for just CHF 1.00

With a minimum booking of two months, you will get your first month for only CHF 1.00. This offer is valid for new customers only and requires a minimum contract period of at least two months.

Self-storage boxes for rent in Zürich

Inexpensive and easy to rent, starting from just CHF 9.63 (inclusive)
Storage space sizes starting at 1m³

A storage room for rent, self-storage boxes, cellar compartments, or furniture storage, all of these concepts express essentially the same need: you need space, but cannot find it at home or at the office anymore.

Interior view self-storage Birmensdorferstrasse

Or perhaps you are going abroad for a certain period, need to give up your apartment, and want to know that your belongings are safely stowed.

To be able to serve all of these needs of our customers offers storage warehouses at multiple locations in Switzerland with favorable storage options and our exemplary personal service.

StandortkarteSelf-Storage in Zurich, Hardstrasse


Hardstrasse 81
8004 Zurich

Opening Hours & Access:

“24/7”—24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Mo – So: 00:00 – 24:00 Uhr


Our customer service team is available by phone Monday through Friday, from 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00. For all of our customers, there is a “24/7” emergency number.


Telephone: 044 842 66 44

Our self-storage facility at Hardstrasse 81, 8004 Zurich, is located just 100m from Hardplatz in the inner courtyard of the building, just opposite from the St. Felix and Regula Church. Access is possible at ground level and is barrier-free. Buses 31, 32, 33E and N2 stop nearby, and the number 8 tram line also stops at Hardplatz:

In this 360 ° photo, you can see Hardstrasse, the St. Felix and Regula Church, and the passageway for people and bicycles to access the courtyard:

Our self-storage facility is located directly on the other side of the Hardbrücke station, where the suburban trains S3, S5, S6, S7, S9, S11, S15, S16, S21, as well as the SN1, SN5, SN6, SN9 trains, and most of the trains that go to Zurich’s main station all stop.

Access to the self-storage facility is possible by car just ten (10) meters from the door. There is a loading area for trucks where it is possible to park and unload for free, and a goods lift.

Here you can see the inner courtyard with enough space for all loading activities, from pedestrian to semi-trailer.

The Hardstrasse storage location offers seventy-eight (78) individual boxes with sizes ranging from from 1m³ to 20m³ that can be easily combined to meet any self-storage requirements:

Here, you can see the layout of the Hardstrasse location:


Advantages to storing with Günstiger Umzug GmbH

Lagerraum Standorte

Access with your PIN

Access with your PIN: when you become a customer with us, you will receive your unique PIN that allows you to access your storage unit at any time using the PIN-pad at each entrance to our warehouses.

pallet rollers, trolleys, platform trolleys, etc., can all be found in our warehouse

Tools for storage and retrieval: pallet rollers, trolleys, platform trolleys, etc., can all be found in our warehouse locations for you to use, for free of course, so that you do not have to carry everything yourself.

Constant monitoring and surveillance

Constant monitoring and surveillance: our security systems are equipped with visible and invisible mounted wide-angle surveillance cameras with motion detectors and infrared functions, positioned to capture anyone entering the facility. This means that our security cameras immediately begin recording every time they sense movement, even in the dark.

Secured with a professional security service

Secured with a professional security service: our monitoring systems are alarm-protected. If an alarm is triggered, an armed unit of the global security company “Securitas” will be on site in just a few minutes.

½ Hour Free Included

Professional movers for ½ hour included: We know from experience that customers often struggle with moving big and heavy pieces into self-storage. To ensure that these pieces are placed correctly and professionally into your storage unit, for example to avoid pressure points with long storage, you will receive free support from us! Included with each storage unit rental is a free half-hour (1/2h) of working time from one of our professional movers (because we are also a moving company)—even if it is only two cubic meters (2m³)! If you book complete storage by us using our movers, then this half hour (1/2h) will be credited to your account.

Storage with Best Price Guarantee

Interior view self-storage BirmensdorferstrasseBest price guarantee in Zurich: We guarantee that we have the best price of all storage providers in Zurich. If you find a cheaper company up to three days after accepting our offer, then we will either reduce our price by the difference or refund you the price difference if you have already paid for your storage in Zurich.

Pick-up & Transport to Storage

Pick-up and transport to your storage unit: If you would like, we will even pick up your belongings for storage using our company vans and store them in your unit in a professional manner (again, for example to avoid pressure points due to long storage times). At the end of your storage period, we can also return your belongings and place them in your new location.

Discount on Your Move

Discounts with our parent company: If you choose to move or store at one of our locations with our main company, Favorable Removal Ltd., then you will receive a discount per month for every cubic meter of stored items (CHF 1 / m³ / month discount).

Units from 1m³

Storage possible in any size, starting at 1m³: Our storage unit sizes start with boxes of 1 cubic meter (1m³). We are always looking for the least expensive option to achieve your storage needs.

Storage from Just 1 Week

Interior view self-storage BirmensdorferstrasseStorage for just one week or more: Whether you are going abroad for 3 years, or simply want to paint your flat one weekend, you can rent storage from us starting at just 1 week—and of course, you can stay with use for as long as you would like.

Access during the Week

Protection against Moths

Mottenschutz im Lagerraum: Jede Einlagerung mit Textilien, die wir mit der Zügelfirma für unsere Kunden durchführen, wird mit mottensicherem Verpackungsmaterial gesichert.

Free Water & Fire Insurance Included

Storage insured for theft, water, and fire damage: included in our prices, your stored goods are insured for up to CHF 20,000. Goods that exceed this amount can be insured individually.

Video Monitoring Included

Interior view self-storage BirmensdorferstrasseEvery storage room is monitored electronically: In addition to the alarm system, your storage box is secured with a safety padlock made of super-hard Swiss steel (ISO 9001 Victoria 8000).

Access by Car

Access to the storage facility by car: We can drive a goods-lift (fifteen cubic meters) to street level and to your car, and easily put your goods on the trolley. This saves you time and effort!

Materials for On-Site Storage

We have all the materials you could possibly need for storage, on-site, in stock, and available for you, and we can provide them directly to you on your move-in day, at your selected storage location.

Help with Heavy Items

Heavy items: Our team can also come directly to you to move only those heavy or awkward items that you would prefer not to move yourself—for example, large cabinets, wet-bars, etc.—and bring just those specific pieces to your selected storage space and location.

Discounts for Payment in Advance of 6 Months

Interior view self-storage BirmensdorferstrasseDiscounts given for pre-payment of 6 months: With a deposit at any of our locations of six months or more in advance, you will receive a discount for pre-payment of up to twenty-five percent (25%) off of your total cost:
6 months paid in advance: 5% discount
9 months paid in advance: 7.5% discount
12 months paid in advance: 10% discount
24 months paid in advance: 15% discount
36 months paid in advance: 20% discount
48 months paid in advance: 25% discount

Self-Storage Costs

Pricing for self-storage units will vary depending on: your preferred location(s); the size(s) of the box, unit, or storage room you would like; the length of your storage rental period; your method of payment; and whether you choose to transport your belongings to self-storage or have us transport them for you. The easiest way for us to provide you with exact pricing information is for you to contact us for a free and non-binding quote—there is absolutely no obligation on your part!


For a limited time: SALE 1 month for 1 CHF with a minimum booking of 2 months

… for a short time only, you can receive your first month of storage for just 1 CHF (with a minimum lease of at least 2 months).

FREE Transportation to Storage

… you can also have us transport your belongings to your storage unit for free!

Up to 25% OFF for pre-payment

… with an advanced payment, you can reduce your rent per month by up to 25% off.

We guarantee the BEST PRICE for your storage room

we guarantee you the BEST price for storage. But if you find a better or comparable offer before your move, we will match it!

Mit Maximalrabatt können Sie u.U. den Transport durch uns gratis erledigen lassen, den ersten Monat um 1 CHF erhalten und dann z.B. eine 10m3 Selfstorage-Box um 9,63 CHF/m3 pro Monat erhalten.

Prices for storing in one of our nine Self-Storage Warehouses:

One-time processing fee40,00
Per m³, per monthStarting at 9,63

We currently accept these credit cards:

At any time: EASY UPGRADES

EASY UPGRADES: You are welcome to start with the smallest possible storage unit for your needs. But if you find that you need more storage space, even on moving day, then you can have an additional smaller box or change to a larger box.


FREE VISIT: You are welcome to visit any of our storage sites at any time, free of charge and with no obligation. We also gladly offer you an on-site estimate: an employee would come to your personal or business location and estimate the volume of your storage needs, again free of charge and with no obligation.

What does a self-storage location look like from the inside?

Take the example of our location at Schmiede Wiedikon in Zurich: Place your mouse over one of the numbers or letters and see pictures from inside the facility. Individual boxes also offer you a look inside the box. At this location, you can park your car directly in front of the entrance gate.

Ramp Car Car Car Car Car Car Car Car Car Car Car Car 01 A B C D E F G H I J K L Q R S T U M N O P 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Gate Emergency Exit Entrance to Migro BSMT

Free transportation of your belongings? Short-term storage needs?

Yes, we offer free transportation of your belongings to your storage location free of charge, with some limited conditions; and yes, we also offer short-term storage. Please give us a call at the telephone number on the top right.

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